The Perfect Edge

The Perfect Edge

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The Perfect Edge - The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers, by Ron Hock

"The Perfect Edge" is an extremely informative book on the science and practical usage of sharpening for woodworkers. Written by Ron Hock, this book teaches the fundamentals and theories on sharpening, but also goes into depth on how to sharpen various tools.

Although, designed for woodworking, this book goes into detail on sharpening more than just traditional woodworking tools. I consider planes and chisels to be the most essential woodworking hand tools and this book describes very well how to sharpen them. This book also covers the broader areas of woodworking such as carving and turning. Ron Hock also covers the "how to" of sharpening of knives that aren't at all used in woodworking and does a great job of explaining it. Softcover.

The Perfect Edge - Chapters

  • Chapter 1 - Why Sharpen?
  • Chapter 2 - What is Steel?
  • Chapter 3 - Abrasives
  • Chapter 4 - The Fundamentals
  • Chapter 6 - Plane Irons
  • Chapter 7 - Chisels
  • Chapter 8 - Scrapers
  • Chapter 9 - Handsaws
  • Chapter 10 - Carving Tools
  • Chapter 11 - Turning Tools
  • Chapter 12 - Axes and Adzes
  • Chapter 13 - Knives
  • Chapter 14 - Drill Bits
  • Chapter 15 - Power Tools
  • Other - Microscopic Photos, Resources, Suppliers, Index

I've always admired Ron's work. His first claim to fame is the maker of Hock blades, the aftermarket plane iron maker. His work with plane irons has, in my mind, solidified his part in the modern history of woodworking. With "The Perfect Edge", he takes his many years of knowledge and condenses it into an extremely informative book. I've appreciated what he has done for woodworking and his book helps us once again by taking a unique look at sharpening for woodworking.

Q. I'm not a woodworker, would you still recommend this book?

A. Yes, I think the author's insights into sharpening in general is very valuable. Also, the 20 pages on knife sharpening is full of great information.

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