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Suehiro Debado MD Stone

Suehiro Debado MD Stone

Item # DBDMD

200 - $94.99
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1000 - $100.99
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4000 - $161.99
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  • Extra Wide 3-1/2"!
  • Almost 9" Long!
  • Splash and Go
  • 200, 1000 or 4000 Grit
  • Nagura Stone Included
  • Rubber Holder Included


Extra Wide and Long

At approximately 8-13/16" long x 3-1/2"wide (225mm x 90mm), Suehiro's Debado MD Stones have more surface area to work with than most other water stones.

This additional working area of the Debado MD Stones means sharpening large knives without feeling cramped on a small stone surface. And that extra width allows more blade to contact the stone at one time, making them perfect for knives with long, straight cutting edges.

The extra large size is also useful for woodworkers. 3-1/2" of width means there is no worry about a plane blade being too wide for the Debado MD stones, and the almost 9 inches of length means plenty of room for a honing guide.

The 200 grit and the 1000 grit are approximately 1-1/16" (~27-28mm) thick. The 4000 grit stone is approximately 15/16" (~24-25mm) thick.

Splash-and-Go Ceramic Water Stones

The Debado MD Stones offer splash-and-go convenience and the better shape holding characteristics that go with this harder stone format. The Debado stones are made with Suehiro's ceramic process, similar to their Cerax soaking stone line, but a bit harder for better wear resistance. They do form a slurry and offer good feedback.

Nagura Stone Included

The Debado MD stones come with a nagura stone for cleaning and refreshing the surface. Each stone grit has a nagura matched to it for fast surfacing and cleaning, from the very coarse nagura with the 200 grit Green Stone to the medium grit nagura matched with the 1000 Grit White Stone on to the fine nagura paired with the 4000 grit Yellow stone. This grit matching ensures fast cleaning and an appropriate surface texture on the water stone. The nagura stones should be soaked prior to use for maximum efficiency.

Choose Your Grit

There are three grits to choose from:

  • 200 grit - Green Stone, Suehiro part # MD-20. This is a fast cutting stone. It forms a slurry quickly and is good for reshaping dull or damaged blades.
  • 1000 grit - White Stone, Suehiro part # MD-100. This medium grit stone is a great balance between the fast cutting of softer soaking stones and the shape holding of harder splash and go stones.
  • 4000 grit - Yellow Stone, Suehiro part # MD-400. This finishing stone forms a good working slurry and leaves a very slightly toothy edge perfect for culinary knives.
Note that the numbers printed on the stones are Suehiro's part numbers, and not the grit numbers.

Made in Japan

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