Sharpening Steels

It's a pet peeve of mine when people say sharpening steels don't actually sharpen a knife.

While it's true that a plain knife steel is designed to just realign an edge, sharpening steels have moved on quite a bit since then.

Nowadays you can get steels in a variety of abrasives that will actually sharpen your kitchen knife. The pictured ceramic rod has a dark line running down it. That's swarf (metal removed from the knife), a clear sign that more than realignment is happening.

This makes sharpening steels a great way to maintain the edge of your kitchen knives.

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Wow! Your are fast and your communication is excellent. The item arrived today (IM200) and it is a great tool -- my knives are sharp again! Thank you so much for a wonderful item and fine service.
Penny M, St Paul, MN