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New Shapton G7 Stones

John - November 14, 2018

John - November 14, 2018 The New Shapton G7 Now Comes in 9 Different Grits The new Shapton G7 (GlassStone Seven) Series of stones is now available in a wider variety of grits. Shapton uses a micron grading system for this series. The la...... Read More

Hard to Find Hard Translucent Arkansas Stones

John - July 11, 2018

John - July 11, 2018 Arkansas Stones are made by nature and quarried and cut by man. The hardest to find of these stones is the Hard Translucent Arkansas grade. Keeping Hard Translucent Arkansas Stone In Stock We try hard to keep all o...... Read More

How Sharp is an Obsidian Knife?

John - April 16, 2018

John - April 16, 2018 If you're anything like me, the thought of quantifying the sharpness of an obsidian knife is pretty exciting. If you're not familiar with obsidian, it is a glass like stone that was used historically for making arro...... Read More

Tormek Diamond Wheel

John - March 5, 2018

John - March 5, 2018 We've had customers asking for years if there is a diamond wheel for the Tormek. Soon the answer will be yes. We promise to post new information as it becomes available. What we know so far: Available in C...... Read More

It's Been a Busy Year!

Dan - November 24, 2017

Dan - November 24, 2017 2017 has been quite the year for us here at Sharpening Supplies. We have been keeping busy expanding our offerings so that we can be even more prepared to meet your sharpening needs. There are so many new sharpening mach...... Read More

The New Double-Time Flattening Stone

John - November 3, 2017

John - November 3, 2017 I'm very pleased with our newest product, the Double-Time Flattening Stone. It was designed to be the best flattening stone on the market. When we started designing it, we had a few goals in mind. Flattening St...... Read More

New Tormek T4 Bushcraft Edition

John - October 1, 2017

John - October 1, 2017 Tormek has come out with a couple of special edition sharpeners over the years. When they do, they really make it a great value. The T4 Bushcraft is no exception. The machine itself is a T4 painted hunter green, bu...... Read More

Antique Norton IM-313

John - June 16, 2017

John - June 16, 2017 I just had to show you my antique Norton IM-313 Norton has been making the Norton IM-313 for many decades. I didn't realize how many decades until I received this as a Father's Day gift a few years ago. With Father'...... Read More

Work Sharp's New Combo Knife Sharpener

Dan Splinter - November 3, 2016

Dan Splinter - November 3, 2016 Work Sharp Introduces a New Powered Knife Sharpener Fixed Guides and a Single Belt for Fast, Easy Sharpening We just received the new Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener, the latest edition to the Work Sha...... Read More

The Tormek T8's are Here!

Dan Splinter - August 10, 2016

Dan Splinter - August 10, 2016 We got our new Tormek T8, have you gotten yours? A Winner of a Machine The wait is over. The new Tormek T8 models have arrived, and we couldn't wait to get our hands on one to try all the new features for...... Read More

What's New With The Tormek T8

Dan Splinter - May 10, 2016

Dan Splinter - May 10, 2016 We are very excited about the new Tormek T8 and its new features. An Overview of the New Tormek T8 A quality obsessed company like Tormek doesn't make changes to their water cooled, slow speed sharpeners often...... Read More

Check a Stone with a Straight Edge

Dan Splinter - March 29, 2016

Dan Splinter - March 29, 2016 In my previous post about the 10x Magnifier I promised that I would point out more nifty items to help you get the most out of your sharpening. So this time I'm talking about our Premium Straight Edge. Gadgets don...... Read More

Get A Close Look With A Magnifier

Dan Splinter - February 17, 2016

Dan Splinter - February 17, 2016 In the last post, I talked about the Angle Cube and how cool it is for setting accurate angles when sharpening things like plane blades. But that's not the only useful tool we have to raise the level of your sh...... Read More

The Angle Cube, A Handy Angle Indicator

Dan Splinter - January 29, 2016

Dan Splinter - January 29, 2016 We're always investigating and testing new products to see what would be useful additions to our offerings. One of the latest to make the cut, is the Angle Cube. Having a background in woodworking, I have u...... Read More

Edge Pro Sharpeners

Dan Splinter - January 19, 2016

Dan Splinter - January 19, 2016 We are now carrying the Edge Pro line of products, and I recently took one for a test drive. I have a professional interest in sharpening and I like to keep my knives and tools in good condition. So when I ...... Read More

Strops for the Work Sharp Ken Onion Blade Grinding Attachment

Dan Splinter - January 11, 2016

Dan Splinter - January 11, 2016 I've been getting asked for some time if there is a stropping belt available for the Work Sharp Ken Onion, so I was excited to receive the sample of the WSKTS-KO Blade Grinder Stropping Kit they sent recently....... Read More

Free Leather Hone Kit with Work Sharp WS3000 Purchase

John Carmona - January 7, 2016

John Carmona - January 7, 2016 Welcome to the new year! We've got an exclusive special on the WS3000 right now. For a limited time, you'll get a Leather Hone Kit included FREE in the box when you purchase the Work Sharp WS3000. I've alwa...... Read More

Precision 20 Degree Angle for Sharpening Knives

John Carmona - December 15, 2015

John Carmona - December 15, 2015 We recently launched a new product called the 20 Degree Knife Sharpening Setup Gauge. This product came about due to the literally thousands of conversations on knife sharpening angles we've had with our custom...... Read More

What Sharpener Should I Buy As a Gift?

John Carmona - December 12, 2015

John Carmona - December 12, 2015 What sharpener should I buy as a gift? That is one of the toughest questions that we get on on sales line this time of year. Not because we don't know sharpeners, but because we have so many options. When a ...... Read More

Shameless Plug for Our Warehouse

John Carmona - December 11, 2015

John Carmona - December 11, 2015 The warehouse is a busy place right now. This time of the year we ship many sharpening stones, tools and other sharpening supplies to customers. Some are gifts that need to get there before Christmas, but many ...... Read More
I recently placed my first order after finding you on the web while looking for grinding wheels. I am a customer for life. Here's why. My first order was a simple white grinding wheel for a "normal joe's shop". When I received the wrong wheel (150 grit instead of the ordered 100 grit) I called and without hesitation or the 3rd degree another wheel was sent off. No questioning of my integrity, intelligence or honor. Simply "I am sorry, we'll send the correct wheel off immediately..." The right thing was done by a neat guy. I was treated like an adult. Unbelievable in this day and age...proper...and priceless. Price, performance, responsiveness and customer service par excel-lance. 6-Stars! All my sharpening orders, albeit small shop orders, will now be with you. Promote you I will.
Greg T, Iowa