Sharpener of the Week: Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones

June 24, 2021

Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones are a favorite in our shop for touching up edges on tools and knives. We like them because they're always ready to use. No flattening, no oil, no water. The ready-to-use feature makes these stones a valuable addition to your sharpening stone collection.

Ceramic stones are a great option if you need to travel with your sharpening stones. Because they do not require maintenance, water, or oil, they can be transported in a toolbox, bag, or backpack with ease. The smaller 4” stone is a great option to touch up a knife in the field.

The Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones do not require oil or water so you can use it in almost any situation.

These stones are produced extremely flat. They are so hard that lapping with a flattening stone is not practical.

If you sharpen chisels or plane irons, flatness is critical, which is why these stones work so well for woodworkers. If your tool starts getting dull, a few passes on the Norton Ascent Stone will quickly renew your edge. The larger 8” stones are ideal for woodworking tools and larger knives.

The Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones are popular with woodworkers because they're flat and stay flat.

The Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones are true ceramic stones. They are super hard stones that start flat and stay flat. Do not confuse these with ceramic water stones that use ceramic abrasive particles in a water stone binder. The Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones are available in four sizes: 4” x 1”, 6” x 2”, 8” x 2”, and 8” x 3”.