Precision 20 Degree Angle for Sharpening Knives

John Carmona - December 15, 2015

We recently launched a new product called the 20 Degree Knife Sharpening Setup Gauge. This product came about due to the literally thousands of conversations on knife sharpening angles we've had with our customers. We've heard of many different ways to get close to a 20-degree angle with your knife. But sometimes, you don't want close, you want exact.

This tool is used to set your angle or just to verify that you're holding your knife at a 20-degree angle when you're sharpening. It isn't to hold the angle for you while you sharpen, that comes with practice.

While it is a simple product, we're proud to offer it and proud to say that it is made in the USA.

Hold Your Knife Against the Gauge to Find Your Angle

Sharpen Your Knife

Update: The 20 Degree Knife Sharpening Setup Gauge has been replaced by the Angle Guide Set for Sharpening Stones.