Norton Washita Arkansas Stone

Norton Washita Arkansas Stone

Item # WS688
Price: $29.99

We're sorry, this item has been discontinued.

  • Coarser than the Soft Arkansas
  • 8" Long
  • 2" Wide
  • 1/2" thick



Limited Availability

We made a special purchase of 8" x 2" x 1/2" Norton Washita Arkansas Stones! Washita stones are not as available as they once were, so supply is very limited on these coarse natural stones. Once our stock runs out, we won't be getting any more.

Coarse Arkansas Stone

The Washita Grade of Arkansas Stone is a natural, quarried stone that is softer and coarser than the Soft Arkansas grade. Typically white with veins of purple, red or orange, Washita stones are the coarsest grade of Arkansas Stones. These traditional oil stones would have been used for coarse sharpening before moving on the Soft Arkansas and so on through Hard Translucent Arkansas stones. Perfect for sharpeners looking to compliment their Norton Soft Arkansas or Norton Hard Translucent Arkansas with a traditional, natural stone that is a bit coarser.

Norton Item Number: WS688
Norton Part Number: 66253054131

Note that Washita Arkansas Stones are natural products. Small blemishes do occur. They do not affect performance and are not considered defects.

Q. How do the grits of Arkansas Stones Compare to each other?

A. Arkansas Stones are graded not by grit numbers like other types of stone, but by their density and hardness. The less dense, or softer the stone, the coarser it is. The more dense, or harder the stone, the finer it is. While it is available, the Washita is the coarsest grit of Arkansas Stone we carry. The Soft Arkansas is the next finer, followed by the Hard Arkansas. The Hard Black and Hard Translucent Arkansas stones are the finest Arkansas Stones.

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