Norton Tri Stone Systems

Norton's Tri-Stone oilstone systems have been around for decades and can be found in homes and professional settings all over.

The base of the system acts as an oil reservoir that submerges the unused stones, keeping them clean and saturated, ready for immediate use and years of utility. Rotating the handle brings the desired stone into position for sharpening.

All offer a range of replacement stones to replace worn or damaged stones or to customize the system to your specific needs.

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Thanks John, I am so glad to be working with people who know their products and how to use them. You have a very informative and well laid out website and I learned a lot. It was a rainy Sunday and I watched every video and read through each article. The information you provided was very helpful in teaching technique and helping me decide what to buy. Also your products are so well thought out, that no matter what stone you prefer (oil, water or diamond), there is a nice package available for a beginner. All of the products you put together each had their own advantages and believe me, each one spent some time in the shopping cart until I made my final decision.
Randy Q, New York, NY