Norton Combination Water Stones

Norton Combination Water Stones

Item # NWCMB

220/1000 Grit - $53.99 $48.59 (Save 10%)
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1000/4000 Grit - $77.99 $70.19 (Save 10%)
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1000/8000 Grit - $92.99 $83.69 (Save 10%)
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4000/8000 Grit - $109.99 $98.99 (Save 10%)
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  • Available in 4 Grits:
    220/1000 (Green/Brown)
    1000/4000 (Brown/White)
    1000/8000 (Brown/Yellow)
    4000/8000 (White/Yellow)
  • Large 8" x 3" x 1" Size for Easy Sharpening
  • Multifunctional Blue Case Included with Each Stone


The Norton Combination Waterstones offers 2 grit sizes per stone for a more economical choice in waterstones.

With the purchase of just two stones you can have a 220 grit stone all the way up to the extremely fine 8000 grit stone. The stones are large enough for just about any tool. At 8" long and 3" wide, these stones are twice the surface area of smaller 6" x 2" stones. The larger surface area provides many advantages over smaller stones. The longer stone allows the use of longer honing strokes for faster overall sharpening. The width allows you to move your tool over different areas of the stone for a more even wear of the stone. The larger size also allows you to sharpen even the largest cutting tools.

Versatile Stones

The 8" Norton Waterstone is ideal for just about any knife or tool. In recent years, these stones have become very popular among woodworkers. The fast-cutting ability is favored by woodworkers where speed and a razor-sharp edge is required. The coarse 220 grit stone is used for nicked edges or on extremely dull tools. The 1000 grit is used for fast sharpening after the 220 grit. The 4000 grit leaves a very sharp edge. The 8000 leaves a mirror finish favored by many woodworkers and knife owners.

We recommend the 8" Norton Combination Waterstones for woodworking tools, kitchen cutlery, and other outdoor knives.

Great for Razors Too

We recommend the Norton 4000/8000 Combination when sharpening a straight razor. These extremely fine grits will leave your razor ready for the strop.

A great money saving option is our Water Stone Kit. You get all 4 grits, plus a flattening stone to keep your sharpening stones in top shape.

Multifunctional Case Included

  • Durable plastic protects stones against breakage
  • Base acts as a reservoir to keep stone from drying out
  • No-slip rubber feet keep stone in place during sharpening

Norton Part Numbers:
220/1000 Grit: 61463624335
1000/4000 Grit: 61463624450
1000/8000 Grit: 69936655039
4000/8000 Grit: 61463624336

Q. How thick are the Norton Combination Waterstones?

A. They are 1" thick. Each side is 1/2" thick.

Q. Do I need a flattening stone?

A. Yes, over time all waterstones will wear unevenly and require flattening. The coarser stones tend the wear more quickly than the finer 4000/8000. Norton makes a flattening stone for these stones.

Q. Which grit do you recommend for sharpening straight razors?

A. The most common is the Norton 4000/8000 combination. These very fine grits remove metal very slowly and are ideal for the delicate edge of a straight razor.

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Received my Sharpening System today,(Norton IM83) and I've got to tell you that I am excited about using this product. I've been in the meat cutting business for 45 years, and as you can imagine, I've used allot of different types and styles of sharpening equipment. I have had 3 Norton Multi-Oil Stone units in my lifetime, and then I see this IM83 and I think that this is what I need to carry with me when and wherever I go. I just LOVE this little box full of expertise equipment to keep me sharp and at a razors edge. Thank you for the service, it was fast and easy, and I received it within 3 days of ordering. I know knives and how they work, and I can't wait to start putting that edge on my "other" knives I own.
Karl L, Omaha, NE