Norton Coarse Crystolon Sickle and Scythe Stone

Norton Coarse Crystolon Sickle and Scythe Stone

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The silicon carbide abrasive in the Crystolon Sickle and Scythe Stone sharpens fast. This stone is faster than the Norton Coarse Alundum Sickle and Scythe Stone and leaves a rougher edge. It is used when speed is the primary consideration. It will quickly put an edge on sickles, scythes, bill hooks or similar curved cutting tools.

The Coarse Crystolon Sickle and Scythe Stone measures 10" x 1-1/4" x 3/4"

Use with Norton Honing Oil for the best results.

Norton Item Number: TJ3
Norton Part Number: 61463687731

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