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Norton Arkansas Stone Sampler Kit

Norton Arkansas Stone Sampler Kit

Item # 87572
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  • Available for a Limited Time!
  • 4 Grades of Arkansas Stones
  • Each Stone 4" x 2" x 1"
  • Each Stone in Wood Box
  • 4.5oz Can of Honing Oil


For a Limited Time - Sample the Range of Arkansas Stones

If you have always wanted to try sharpening with Arkansas Stones, this is a great opportunity. This limited availability Sampler Kit includes four Arkansas Stones ranging from coarse Washita to ultra-fine Hard Translucent. These are 100% natural stones quarried from Ozark novaculite deposits. Renowned for the great polish they impart to the edge as they sharpen, hard wearing Arkansas Stones have been a staple of the sharpener's tool kit for generations with good reason. Don't miss this chance!

4 Grades of Arkansas Stones

These stones range from coarse to polishing fine. They include:

  • Washita- Less dense than the other grades. Typically white with veins of purple, red or orange, Washita stones are the coarsest grade of Arkansas Stones
  • Soft Arkansas - Denser than the Washita, Soft Arkansas Stones are milky white in color. They are the next finer after the Washita.
  • Hard Black Arkansas - Very dense and fine grained, Hard Black Arkansas Stones are dull black. They are the next finer after the Soft Arkansas.
  • Hard Translucent Arkansas- Also very dense and ultra-fine grained, Hard Translucent Arkansas Stones are dull gray to white and are indeed translucent. They are the finest grade of Arkansas Stones

Wood Boxes

Each 4" x 2" x 1" stone is securely fixed in a wooden box with removable cover for storage and working holder all in one.

Honing Oil Included

Oil is the traditional cutting fluid used with Arkansas Stones and a 4.5oz container of Norton Sharpening Stone Oil is included with the kit.

Norton Part Number: 662533 87572

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