Nano Hone Stone Stage Light

Nano Hone Stone Stage Light

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A More Portable Stone Stage

The original Nano Hone Stone Stage is a massive holder at almost 4 pounds! That's great when you want a stable holder, but sometimes it is nice to have something a little more portable. Introducing the Nano Hone Stone Stage Light. It retains the stability of the original, but at only 1.9 pounds, it offers more portability.

Works With All Nano Hone Ponds

The Nano Hone Stone Stage Light works with all sizes of the Nano Hone Sharpening Ponds:

The Nano Hone Stone Stage Light also works with the Nano Hone Sink Bridge!

An Integrated Stand for Nano-Hone Stones

The Stone Stage is designed exclusively for use with the Nano-Hone Water Stones. Pins projecting from the top of the Stone Stage fits neatly into corresponding holes in the Aluminum Base Plates of the Nano-Hone stones. This integrated design makes for a stable, secure fit between stone and holder every time.

Now Use Any Stone with the Nano-Hone Stone Stage

With the introduction of the Nano-Hone Universal Backing Plates, it is possible to use the Stone Stage with any sharpening stone. Simply mount your stone tot he Universal Backing Plate, and fit it on the Stage.

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