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Nano-Hone Chef's Choice Bundle

Nano-Hone Chef's Choice Bundle

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  • 4 Nano-Hone Water Stones
  • NL-5 Lapping Plate
  • NL-8 Lapping Plate
  • 2 Stone Stages
  • Terra Pond


A Nano-Hone Set for Professional Kitchens

Nano-Hone's most requested combination of tools for restaurant kitchens. Four stones in a broad range of grits. Two Stone Stages and a large Terra Pond make multiple stones accessible at once while keeping slurry contained for easy cleanup. An NL-8 Lapping Plate for heavy duty flattening of coarse stones. And an NL-5 Lapping Plate for flattening finer stones. This sharpening station is practical, comprehensive and cleanable.

4 Stones

The Kit comes with four Sharpening Stones:

  • Red - 70 micron/200 grit
  • Blue - 35 micron/400 grit
  • Gold - 15 micron/1000 grit
  • Olive - 2 micron/6000 grit

Each Nano-Hone Sharpening Stone is designed to remove the scratches from the previous stone efficiently and completely. For example, the 6 micron (3K) will competently remove the scratches from the 15 micron (1K) stone. The matrix from the beginning to the end of its life, is highly uniform. This insures that the user will get the expected results every time they sharpen.

Lapping Plates

Nano-Hone places particular emphasis on stone flattening with their excellent line of lapping plates. The Chef's Choice kit contains two:

Stone Holder

The Nano-Hone Stone Stage is a massive holder. It weighs almost 4 pounds! This weight, combined with the two non-slip rubber feet that run the length bottom of the holder make for an exceptionally stable working stone holder. There is no sliding around with the stone Stage.

The Stone Stage is designed exclusively for use with Nano-Hone Stones. Pins projecting from the top of the Stone Stage fits neatly into corresponding holes in the Aluminum Base Plates of the Nano-Hone stones. This integrated design makes for a stable, secure fit between stone and holder every time.

The Stone Stage raises the sharpening surface of the stone over 2" above the work surface. This generous height provides plenty of knuckle clearance to make for an easy and enjoyable sharpening experience.

Terra Pond

Nano-Hone's rectangular Terra Pond is 15" x 12". It can accommodate 2 Stone Stages at the same time and its durable anodized aluminum keeps the mess contained for easy cleanup.

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