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Naniwa Economical Waterstone

Naniwa Economical Waterstone

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120 Grit - $21.99
In Stock - Ships Today
1000 Grit - $23.99
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3000 Grit - $29.99
In Stock - Ships Today
  • Available in 120,1000 and 3000 Grit
  • Buy 3 and Save 10%!


Purchase any 3 Naniwa Stones and save 10%!

The Naniwa Economical Waterstones are good waterstones at a great price. You're getting a quality genuine Naniwa product with a price tag of an economical stone. These stones are available in 120, 1000, and 3000 grits.

Like traditional waterstones, we recommend soaking the stones in water prior to use. Being a traditional waterstone, these stone sharpen very quickly.

Each stone measures 175 MM long x 55 MM wide and 15 MM thick. In inches the stone measures 6 7/8" long, 2 1/8 wide and 5/8" thick. This size offers a good balance of value and size. .

120 - This stone has an extra coarse. This stone sharpens very quickly. Gray in color.

1000 - This stone is fine. If you are patient, this can sharpen even a very dull knife. However, where this stone really shines is in maintaining your knives and tools. The 1000 grit quickly refines a moderately dull edge. Red in color.

3000 - This stone is very fine. The 3000 grit side will hone an edge to a very fine level of sharpness. Tan in color.

Made in Japan.

Q. Do I need to soak all of the stones in water before use?

A. Yes, all of the stones will benefit from soaking in water prior to use. The 120 and 1000 will need more water while the 3000 doesn't require much soaking before hand. We do not recommend that you store them long term in water, only soak them before use.

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