Magna-Matic MAG-9000 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

Magna-Matic MAG-9000 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

Item # MAG-9000
Price: $999.00

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  • Sharpen Conventional Lawn Mower Blades
  • Right or Left-Handed Blades
  • Fast, Easy Operation


Sharpen Conventional Lawn Mower Blades

The MAG-9000 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener from Magna-Matic is a workhorse for fast and consistent commercial sharpening of conventional lawn mower blades. It will maintain a 30 degree angle on blades without burning. The MAG-9000 can sharpen left or right-handed blades of any length in 1-2 minutes.

The MAG-9000 is a cost-effective, commercial grade power house of a lawn mower blade sharpener. Rigid and heavy, it can simply be placed on a workbench, or the mounting holes can be used to bolt it down preferred. The simple single crank mechanism allows fast and easy maintenance of a consistent angle as the wheel wears.

The MAG-9000 Package Includes:


  • Weight - 52 lbs
  • Width - 16"
  • Height - 8"
  • Depth - 12"
  • Voltage - 115v / 60Hz
  • Horsepower - 0.75 hp
  • Motor rpm - 3450 rpm
  • Amperage (start/run) - 15/7.7
  • Transmission - Direct Drive

2 year manufacturer warranty.

Made in the US.

Professional Machines Return Policy

This machine is intended for professional use. As per our Professional Machines Returns Policy, returns will only be accepted for new, unused machines. A 25% restock fee will be charged for new, unused returns. In cases of manufacturing defect, please contact us for replacement information.

Q. Does Magna-Matic make a stand for the MAG-9000?

A. Yes. The MAG-10400 Sharpener Service Center Stand works with the MAG-9000.

Q. Does Magna-Matic make a dust collector for the MAG-9000?

A. Yes. The MAG-200 Dust Collector works with the MAG-9000.

Q. What wheels are available for the MAG-9000?

A. There are three different 1" wheels for use on the MAG-9000. The Soft 9000-23, the Medium 9000-35, and the Hard 9000-34.

Q. Can I use 1/2" wide wheels on the MAG-9000?

A. No. The MAG-9000 only uses 1" wide wheels.

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