Magna-Matic Extended Worktable for MAG-9000

Magna-Matic Extended Worktable for MAG-9000

Item # MAG-9000-38
Price: $55.00

We're sorry, this item has been discontinued.

  • Keep High Lift Blades Stable
  • For MAG-9000 ONLY


Extended Worktable for MAG-9000

Extended worktable for MAG-9000 series sharpener. Newly re-designed, the new 9000-38 extended table now has 12" of blade support. This worktable was created to help users keep high-lift blades more stable during sharpening. This table is most beneficial when the mower blade has a flat underside from TIP to TIP (the style of lift does not restrict use). Blades that step-up or step-down from the mounting hole may not benefit as much as blades with a totally flat underside. Check your blade type to best suit your needs. If you are looking for more blade support for long high-lift blades this worktable will make sharpening easier. The most challenging part of very high-lift blades is that there is not much support or (flat underside) near the TIP of the blade. It becomes easy to rock back on the lift and hit the TIP of the blade in to the grinding wheel. This table uses a greater surface area of the blade underside to keep you flat and prevent that "rocking" back on the lift. This worktable will support 12" of the blade surface..


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