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Knife Manufacturers

Buck Knives – Buck Knives has been around for over a century. Located in Post Falls, Idaho, they specialize in hunting, outdoor, tactical, and everyday pocket knives.

Camillus Cutlery Co. – Founded in 1876, Camillus Knives manufactures knives under the following brands: Camillus, Western, CUDA, BK&T, and Camco. Located in Camillus, New York, Camillus provides quality knives for home, farm, hunting/fishing, and the armed forces.

W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co. – Case began producing hand-crafted knives in 1889. They offer a variety of knives from pocketknives to fixed blade sporting knives and limited edition collectibles. Today the Case company is owned by Zippo Manufacturing, a family-owned business and is based in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Gerber Legendary Blades – Founded in 1939, Gerber is well known for its outdoor knives and multi-tools for hunting, military, fire and rescue, and law enforcement. Located in Portland, Oregon, they are owned by Fiskars Brands and are expanding their product line to include tools, LED lighting and more.

Kershaw Knives – A wholly owned subsidiary of Kai Cutlery of Japan, Kershaw has been producing knives since 1974. Located in Tualatin, Oregon, they are the makers of sport knives and tools, as well as kitchen cutlery under the brands Shun and Pure Komachi and Wasabi.

Leatherman – Founded in the 1980’s by Tim Leatherman, the company is located in Portland, Oregon. The primary and flagship product is the multi-tool which incorporates a variety of small tools and/or knives into one compact package. In addition, Leatherman also manufactures a variety of folding knives.

Taylor Brands LLC – Taylor Brands manufactures Schrade Cutlery including Old Timer, Uncle Henry, Schrade Tuff, and X-timer. In addition they manufacture Smith & Wesson Cutlery. Founded in 1975, Taylor Brands is located in Kingsport, Tennessee.

SOG Knives – Each SOG product is created by Co-Founder and Chief Engineer Spencer Frazer. SOG has been a manufacturer of fixed blade knives, folding knives, and multi-purpose tools for 18 years and is located in Lynnwood, Washington.

Victorinox/Swiss Army – After having created the Original Swiss Army Knife in 1897, Victorinox has evolved into a company that makes not only cutlery, but watches, travel gear, and more. Located in Schwyz, Switzerland, the family business employs over 950 employees.

Benchmade Knife Company – Now located in Oregon, the company was founded in 1988 in California. Benchmade makes specialty knives in a variety of knife and blade styles.

Boker USA Inc. – Heinr. Böker Baumwerk was founded in 1869 and has been producing the Böker Tree Brand knives for over a century in Solingen, Germany. They make high quality cutlery ranging from folding and fixed blade knives to beautiful limited edition models.

KA-BAR Knives, Inc. – A subsidiary of Alcas Corporation, KA-BAR manufactures high quality military, hunting, sporting, and all-purpose utility knives. Making knives for over 100 years, KA-BAR is located in Olean, New York.

Spyderco – Located in Golden, Colorado and owned by the Glesser Family, Sypderco manufactures high quality knives. Primarily a maker of folding knives, they also make a small number of fixed blade style knives. Their knives are most recognized by their trademarked round hole that allows for easy opening and closing with one hand.

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