Jende Poly Diamond Emulsion 25ml

Jende Poly Diamond Emulsion 25ml

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4 Micron - $48.00 $39.99 (Save 17%)
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2 Micron - $48.00 $39.99 (Save 17%)
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1 Micron - $48.00 $39.99 (Save 17%)
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.5 Micron - $48.00 $39.99 (Save 17%)
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.25 Micron - $48.00 $39.99 (Save 17%)
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.1 Micron - $48.00 $39.99 (Save 17%)
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.025 Micron - $48.00 $39.99 (Save 17%)
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  • Poly Diamond Abrasive
  • 25ml / 1oz Bottle
  • Grits As Fine As .025 Micron


We Now Offer Jende Diamond Emulsions

Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions are of the highest quality. These fast and effective stropping abrasives are recognized by sharpeners looking to create the finest edges possible.

As Fine as Possible

Jende Diamond Emulsions are perfect for the sharpener who wants to get the finest grits possible. If you are on the Quest For the Ultimate Edge, and want to be sure that you have not missed any opportunity to use a finer grit, then the Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions are for you. They simply don't get any finer than this.
Available in the following grits:

  • 4 Micron - 4,000 Grit
  • 2 Micron - 8,000 Grit
  • 1 Micron - 16,000 Grit
  • 0.5 Micron - 30,000 Grit
  • 0.25 Micron - 60,000Grit
  • 0.10 Micron - 160,000 Grit
  • 0.025 Micron - 600,000 Grit

Use With Jende Strops

Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions work with any strop, but they go hand-in-glove with the Jende Nanocloth Ultra Bench Strops. These strops not only offer a unique stropping surface, they are color coded and labeled for use with a particular grit of Diamond Emulsion, making identification easy.

25 ml Size

These are the 1 oz (25ml) Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions. Packaged in easy to use pump bottles. To use, simply pump the desired amount of emulsion on your stropping medium, spread evenly, let dry, then use as usual. A 50ml size is also available.

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