Jende Nanocloth Ultra Strop

Jende Nanocloth Ultra Strop


.025 Micron - $44.50 $37.99 (Save 15%)
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.1 Micron - $44.50 $37.99 (Save 15%)
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.25 Micron - $44.50 $37.99 (Save 15%)
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.5 Micron - $44.50 $37.99 (Save 15%)
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1 Micron - $44.50 $37.99 (Save 15%)
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2 Micron - $44.50 $37.99 (Save 15%)
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4 Micron - $44.50 $37.99 (Save 15%)
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  • 210mm x 70mm
  • Nanocloth Stropping Surface
  • Color Coded for Designated Grits
  • Use with Jende Emulsions (Sold Separately)


The Perfect Strops for the Jende Diamond Emulsions (Sold Separately)

The Jende Nanocloth Ultra Strops are a unique development in stropping. They are designed to work hand in hand with the Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions. These strops are not preloaded with the Jende Emulsions, which must be purchased separately and are available in 25ml or 50ml sizes, but they do work perfectly with them.

Honeycomb Nanocloth Stropping Surface

The stropping surface of the Jende Nanocloth Ultras is a synthetic material that has no weave. The lack of a weave ensures that the strop gives consistent feedback no matter what direction you strop in.

If you look closely at the nanocloth, you will see that it has a very uniform honeycomb-like structure. The hollows in this structure collect and hold the abrasive emulsions for a long lasting strop. The Nanocloth also has relative little compression compared to leather, and because it holds a deep layer of the abrasive, differential pressure can be used to achieve more or less aggressiveness when stropping.

Color Coded Bases

There are 7 different grits of Jende Poly Diamond Emulsion available. And since mixing of grits on a strop is counter productive, the Nanocloth Ultra Strops have color coded and clearly labeled bases made of laser etched acrylic. Match the grit to the base and you will never have to guess which grit is on which strop.
The Colors are:

  • Pink - 4 Micron
  • Purple - 2 Micron
  • Blue - 1 Micron
  • Red - .5 Micron
  • Green - .25 Micron
  • Yellow - .1 Micron
  • Orange - .025 Micron

Each strop measures 210mm x 70mm x 20mm (about 8-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 3/4")

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