What Sharpener Should I Purchase? I'm trying to decide between a Chef's Choice model and the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition

The Chef's Choice and the Work Sharp are two popular brands of electric knife sharpeners. Below we have listed a few questions we ask customers to help determine which sharpening system will best suit their needs.

Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition

The Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition features adjustable angles and uses replaceable belts.

For this comparison, we are going to compare Chef's Choice models 120, 130, 1520 and Trizor 15 to the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition. The Chef's Choice models each share similar features as it relates to this comparison. If you want to learn the specific differences of each model, please visit our Chef's Choice page.

Chef's Choice

The Chef's Choice Model 1520 is shown here. Other models are available.

Are you sharpening just kitchen knives or many different types of knives?

If you're sharpening many different types of knives, including thicker hunting knives, the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition will offer you greater versatility. The Chef's Choice models are designed for kitchen knives so the angles are designed with kitchen knives in mind. Also, the slots that guide your knife on the Chef's Choice models cannot accommodate thicker blades found on many hunting knives. The Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition is designed for many types of knives with different angles and blade thicknesses.

Which is easier to use?

If simplicity and ease of use is your main criteria, the Chef's Choice Sharpeners are the easiest to use. You basically turn it on and pull your knife through the slots. No need to change belts, select grits, or select angles. The Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition is still easy to use, but not quite as easy as the Chef's Choice.

Do you want to be able to adjust the sharpening angle?

The Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition can adjust the sharpening angle from 15 to 30 degrees. This will cover almost every knife. The Chef's Choice models have at most 2 angles (15 and 20 degrees).

Do you like the possibility of adding on to your sharpening system?

If you want to expand the usefulness of your Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition, the Blade Grinding Attachement is also available. The Chef's Choice models do not have any additional attachments.

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