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Herold - Solingen Red Stropping Paste

Herold - Solingen Red Stropping Paste

Item # HS602
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  • Medium Grit Paste
  • Bring Slightly Dull Blades Back to Sharpness
  • Make Dedicated Grit Strops


Red Medium Stropping Paste in a Tube

The Red Paste from Herold - Solingen is their medium grit stropping paste. With abrasive particles in the 2-4 micron range, it is finer than the Green Paste and gives a near mirror finish. It is great for bringing an edge that has just begun to dull back to sharpness. Follow the Red Paste with stropping on plain leather to finish the job. Or, if you have the HS501 Red/Black Stick Paste Pack, use the Black Paste in between the Red and the plain leather for the smoothest of transitions.

Make Dedicated Grit Strops

This is the same grit as the stick paste that comes in the HS501 Red/Black Stick Paste Pack. Like the stick pastes, the tube pastes are perfect for use with strops like the HS152RI to make dedicated grit strops. This is the same grit that is pre-loaded on the HS56RI Adjustable Strop.

Q. Do I need to use a Stropping Paste on my strop?

A. Not necessarily. Day to day maintenance stropping is typically done on plain leather or linen. You may apply a treatment paste like the Yellow Leather Treatment Strop Paste or the White Linen Treatment Strop Paste to these to maintain them in best condition. Abrasive pastes like the Green, Red or Black, however, are used less frequently than plain leather to bring edges back to a high state of sharpness when they begin to dull.

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Received my Sharpening System today,(Norton IM83) and I've got to tell you that I am excited about using this product. I've been in the meat cutting business for 45 years, and as you can imagine, I've used allot of different types and styles of sharpening equipment. I have had 3 Norton Multi-Oil Stone units in my lifetime, and then I see this IM83 and I think that this is what I need to carry with me when and wherever I go. I just LOVE this little box full of expertise equipment to keep me sharp and at a razors edge. Thank you for the service, it was fast and easy, and I received it within 3 days of ordering. I know knives and how they work, and I can't wait to start putting that edge on my "other" knives I own.
Karl L, Omaha, NE