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Herold - Solingen 152RI Razor Strop

Herold - Solingen 152RI Razor Strop

Item # HS152RI
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  • Compact Size
  • Quality Leather
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Perfect for Use With Stropping Paste


A Compact Strop

The Herold - Solingen 152RI is the smallest hanging strop we offer. It has a 45mm (1-3/4") wide by 33cm (13") long stropping surface, and is 49cm (19-3/8") in overall length. When you need a hanging strop that's not too big, this one can be just the right size.

A Sturdy Leather-Only Strop

The HS152RI is leather-only strop. That is, it does not have a linen side for initial stropping. But that simplicity does not mean it lacks quality. Made in Germany out of "Rindleder", or split cowhide, it is a bit more supple than the tougher "Juchtenleder" of the larger Herold - Solingen 180J, but has a very similar velvety finish to the surface and provides a fantastic feel when stropping. This leather needs no treatment initially, but will benefit from periodic application of the Herold - Solingen Yellow Leather Treatment Paste to maintain it in top condition.

And like the other Herold - Solingen leather-only strop, the HS152RI is a sturdy strop too, with riveted and stitched end pieces and robust hardware. The D handle makes for a space-saving but solid grip.

A Useful Paste-Dedicated Strop

The smaller size of the HS152RI makes it handy for use with stropping pastes. When your razor has just begun to dull to the point where stropping on leather alone is not enough, but you don't want to drag out the sharpening stones just yet, stropping pastes like the Herold - Solingen Green or Red tube pastes, or their Red/Black Solid Paste Pack are just the things to use. Of course, once a paste is applied to a strop there's no going back, so rather than dedicating multiple full size strops to pastes, these smaller size ones fit the bill perfectly.

Q. What are the differences between the various strops you offer?

A. To see a comparison of the strops, see our article Comparing Razor Strops. It is a helpful guide for finding the right strop for you.

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