Hard to Find Norton Hard Translucent Arkansas Stones Back In Stock

John - July 11, 2018

Arkansas Stones are made by nature and quarried and cut by man. The hardest to find of these stones is the Hard Translucent Arkansas grade.

Keeping Hard Translucent Arkansas Stone In Stock

We try hard to keep all of our products in stock. One of the hardest to keep in stock is the Norton Hard Translucent Arkansas Stones. There are times when these are just not available. At the time I'm writing this, we have a nice batch of stones in stock. I do recommend checking inventory levels by clicking on the page for the Hard Translucent Arkansas Stones, if it says it is "In Stock" that means we have at least one to sell you.

While we always try to keep these stone in stock, it isn't always possible. If they go out of stock, it could be the better part of a year before we get more. I wish we could always have them available, but finding large enough pieces to make these 8" x 3" stones is often not possible.