Extra Large 24 Grit Naniwa Flattening Stone

Extra Large 24 Grit Naniwa Flattening Stone

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  • Extra Large Surface
  • Handles the Largest Water Stones Easily
  • Ultra-Aggressive 24 Grit


The largest and coarsest flattening stone we carry

This extra large, ultra-coarse flattening stone by Naniwa is the same size as the Naniwa Extra Large Flattening Stone, but in an ultra-coarse 24 grit. This stone will tackle the heaviest water stone flattening needs. This is both the largest and the coarset flattening stone we carry (by a long shot).

If you feel that your flattening stone should be gigantic and as coarse as possible, this is your stone. This measures 300mm x 150mm x 20mm. If you do your measuring in inches, that makes this stone almost 12" long, 6" wide and an inch thick. With this sort of heft, this is not the type of flattening stone you can hold in your hand. Solid rubber feet keep this stone planted firmly so you can focus your efforts on the water stone in your hand. This stone is 24 grit.

Soak Before Use

The Extra Large 24 Grit Naniwa Flattening Stone is meant to be used with plenty of water. Both it and the stone being flattened should be soaked until saturated before flattening. Water should be generously applied during the flattening process to keep the waste material flowing freely.

Made in Japan.

Q. Do I need a flattening stone this big for my water stones?

A. No way. This stone is really really big. However, some people prefer to have their flattening stone secured to the surface so they can put their water stone in their hand and flatten it on the stone. If you have larger water stones and your budget allows, this a nice flattening stone.

Q. Do I need a flattening stone this coarse for my water stones?

A. Also no way. This stone is really really coarse. If you want to remove as much material as possible as quickly as possible, then this is a good stone to consider.

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