Edge Pro Matrix Diamond Stones

Edge Pro Matrix Diamond Stones


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  • Mono Crystalline Diamonds
  • Fresh Diamonds Exposed with Wear
  • Precision CNC Machined Aluminum Base
  • Works with both Apex and Professional Models
  • For Any Steel or Ceramic Blades


Long lasting, clean cutting diamond stone for the Edge Pro

Diamonds in Resin Matrix

The Matrix Line of stones from Edge Pro feature US sourced mono-crystalline diamonds distributed throughout a resin matrix. What makes the Matrix Stones special is that unlike other diamond stones that use a single layer of diamonds plated to a base, Matrix stones will expose fresh diamonds as they wear. This insures a consistently steady cutting rate throughout the incredibly long life of the stone.

Six Grits Available

Choose from

  • 80 grit / 180 micron
  • 250 grit / 80 micron
  • 450 grit / 40 micron
  • 650 grit / 35 micron
  • 950 grit / 20 micron
  • 1100 grit / 17 micron
  • 1700 grit / 10 micron
  • 2300 grit / 8 micron
  • 4000 grit / 5 micron

Precision CNC Machined Base

The attention to detail in the Matrix Stones extends to the precision CNC machined aluminum bases. Clearly engraved with the grit, these sturdy bases resist twist and bow, ensuring accurate and efficient sharpening.

For all Steels and Ceramic

Diamonds are well known for being the hardest substance around. This means that when used as a sharpening abrasive, diamonds will cut any blade material. Even if your knives are made of ceramic or the hardest of the hard exotic steels, you can count on diamond abrasives to sharpen them.

Expanding the Polishing Stone Line

The resin bond Diamond Matrix stone is an extension of the line of stones formerly known as Edge Pro's Polishing Stones. Looking to expand on their line of diamond stones, Edge Pro added additional grits and renamed the stones Matrix Diamond Stones to better reflect their nature as diamond in resin sharpen stones.

Edge Pro products are manufactured in the US

Q. What is the best way to clean and level Edge Pro Matrix Diamond Stones?

A. It is best to use the Edge Pro Stone Level Kit with 240 Grit Aluminum Oxide to clean and level the Matrix Diamond Stones.

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