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David's Profile

Sharpening Specialist Since 2019

Located in Middleton, WI

Best Way to Describe Me:

When I was 7 years old my grandfather let me help him in his workshop. During my visits, we worked on projects together and he showed me how to sharpen a knife, I still enjoy the time spent designing and working on a project and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish something I designed.

Favorite Part of My Job:

I love the creative process of editing sharpening photos and videos. It gives me a good feeling when a plan comes together

Sharpening Tip:

Take good sharpening notes! I can't say this enough, taking good notes will help you to repeat successes and learn from mistakes. Keeping track of your process on paper will greatly aid you in your future sharpening projects and set you up for success.

Sharpening Philosophy:

Properly evaluating your experience will help you improve.

David's Favorite Product:

I enjoy using the Naniwa Professional Series Water Stones. They are fun to use and sharpen quickly.


Painting, Video Production, Sound Engineering and Drumming.

David's Articles

What I'm Sharpening Today - Victorinox Chef's Knife
April 22, 2020 I brought the Wicked Edge Pro Pack 2 home to do some sharpening. Everybody needs to sharpen their chef’s knives and I thought that would be a good place to start. I decided to sharpen a 9” Victorinox Chef’s Knife. First, ...
Sharpening My First Knife
It probably comes as no surprise that as part of my job training, my boss wanted me to find a dull knife and sharpen it. This task would be made more difficult by the fact that my boss and other sharpening specialists in the shop have easy access to ...
Thanks John! After we had our first round of emails, I told my wife how nice it was to deal with people who care. You can look forward to more business from me.
Larry M, Thermopolis, WY