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Darren's Sharpening Supplies Profile

Darren's Profile

Darren Walker
Customer Service Manager Since 2008

Located in Middleton, WI

Best Way to Describe Me at Work:

I consider myself to be sort of the guy behind the scenes that makes sure "things happen" within the business.

Favorite Part of My Job:

I enjoy providing the best product for the right application and getting it to our customers at just the right time. Nothing excites me more than to hear from customers who love our company.

Sharpening Tip:

Results matter. There’s no "one right method" of sharpening. What may work best for someone else, may not work best for you. I suggest learning on some inexpensive tools before moving up to your best quality tools. Do what works best for you and enjoy the process.

Sharpening Philosophy:

I use different products and methods depending upon the item being sharpened. I use oil stones for gardening and everyday knives because I feel more "connected" to the process. I use water stones for my straight razor because it gives me the sharpest edge I really need for shaving. And I sometimes use machines when I either want to get the job done quickly or if I need a jig to guide me to just the right application.

Darren's Favorite Product:

That’s a tough one… I think it changes almost every month as we bring in new products to try out.


Family Road Trips, Antique Christmas Decorations, our 1850’s Italianate Home, Hosting Events and Gardening.

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