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Dan's Sharpening Supplies Profile

Dan's Profile

Dan Splinter
Sharpening Specialist Since 2015

Located in Middleton, WI

A Bit About Me:

I never set out to be a sharpening expert. I set out to be an artist making paintings, but I drifted into sculpting wood which turned into woodworking and eventually led to guitar building. Along the way, I realized that sharp tools work better than dull ones, so I spent many hours trying to get usable edges. Failure is a great teacher, and I've had plenty of failures. But I've learned from them and eventually became a pretty good sharpener.

Favorite Parts of My Job:

I love any opportunity to get hands-on time in the shop experimenting with the many sharpening stones and machines we have. It's relaxing to geek out on the technical stuff.

I also really enjoy it when a customer I am working with has a light bulb moment. When someone I've been helping experiences success in creating an edge sharper than they've experienced before.

Sharpening Advice:

Approach sharpening with optimistic patience and a willingness to experiment. Sharpening is a skill that must be learned, but it is within your reach. With a positive attitude and practice, anyone can get sharp edges.

Sharpening Philosophy:

There isn't one answer for every sharpener. Everyone's situation is unique. My approach is to take each customer's requirements into account, balancing their needs and wants, and then help them find the best sharpening tool kit for them.

Favorite Products:

Tough question. I'm really pleased with our Sharpening Supplies Water Stones. Being involved in their development was very satisfying and I'm really proud of these stones.

I'm also a big fan of Tormek, especially for complex sharpening jobs like turning or carving gouges. Tormek really has unbeatable quality and precision.


Woodworking, fixing up my old house, sourdough bread baking, and building guitars (which I do much better than playing them.)

Dan's Articles

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I recently placed my first order after finding you on the web while looking for grinding wheels. I am a customer for life. Here's why. My first order was a simple white grinding wheel for a "normal joe's shop". When I received the wrong wheel (150 grit instead of the ordered 100 grit) I called and without hesitation or the 3rd degree another wheel was sent off. No questioning of my integrity, intelligence or honor. Simply "I am sorry, we'll send the correct wheel off immediately..." The right thing was done by a neat guy. I was treated like an adult. Unbelievable in this day and age...proper...and priceless. Price, performance, responsiveness and customer service par excel-lance. 6-Stars! All my sharpening orders, albeit small shop orders, will now be with you. Promote you I will.
Greg T, Iowa