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DMT Magna-Disc Sharpening Kit

DMT Magna-Disc Sharpening Kit

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The DMT Magna-Disc is for use on the Worksharp WS2000 and WS3000 sharpening systems. This system uses DMT's famous diamond technology to replace the sandpaper discs. This kit features a coarse and a fine diamond disc. DMT has tested these discs to outlast 50 sandpaper discs.

The Magna-Disc is adhesive backed so you just apply it to one side of your wheel. The magnetic side faces up and the metal disc sticks to the Magna-Disc. This makes changing grits very easy. And you never rip any sandpaper.

We like to test products before we sell them on our website. This product was fun to test. In addition to long wear, these discs were said to heat up your blade much less than traditional sandpaper. Needless to say, I was skeptical. I decided to test a 2" wide very dull plane iron. Using a traditional grinder, you need to be very careful otherwise you can very easily overheat the edge. When using the coarse DMT Magna-Disc I was able to keep the edge on the disc without burning the tool. I would periodically check the edge and it stayed cool when I used good technique. Even when I would bear down on it more, it would only get warm but not burning hot like it can get on a grinder. In the past I've used an IR gun to gauge the temperature but I was able to use my finger to feel the edge.

In our testing we haven't worn out a Manga-Disc yet. They do last a long time. I anticipate continuing to use it with our Worksharp WS2000 and WS3000 for many years to come.



  • 1 Magna-Disc
  • 1 325 Grit Coarse Disc
  • 1 600 Grit Fine Disc

Made in the USA.

Video Demonstration of DMT Magna-Disc

Learn how the DMT Manga-Disc can improve the performance of your Worksharp WS3000 machine.

DMT Grit Chart

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