DMT Double-Sided 8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone

DMT Double-Sided 8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone

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Extra-Fine/Fine - $129.99 $97.49 (Save 25%)
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Fine/Coarse - $129.99 $97.49 (Save 25%)
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Coarse/Extra-Coarse - $129.99 $97.49 (Save 25%)
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Fine/Extra-Coarse - $129.99 $97.49 (Save 25%)
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  • Two Grits on one 8" Dia-Sharp!
  • Four Grit Combinations Available
  • Continuous Surface
  • 8" x 3"
  • Precision Ground Flat


New Double-Sided Stones at an Introductory Sale Price!

Multiple Grits Now Together on One 8" Dia-Sharp!

The 8" Dia-Sharp Stones have long been a standard of quality and functionality in diamond stones. They have only been available in single-grit, single-sided options. Until now.

For the first time ever, DMT is producing these iconic stones in two-grit double-sided versions. Having two grits on each stone offers real value in efficiency. This makes it easy and economical to put together a wide range of grits, increasing the capability of your sharpening tool kit.

8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone

This stone is part of the 8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone line. This is the first time this line has been offered as double-sided stones.

The Dia-Sharp diamond stones feature DMT's continuous diamond surface. The diamonds are spread evenly across the entire surface of the steel core, with no gaps. A continuous surface diamond stone is preferred when sharpening small or pointed tools that can get caught in the polka-dots of the interrupted surface of other DMT stones. The continuous surface is also desirable compared to other, softer stone types that can be gouged by small or pointed tips. The Dia-Sharp stones are precision ground to be flat. The thick steel core provides stability while the nickle plating provides durability.

Available in the following combinations:

  • Extra-Fine 1200 mesh, 9 micron / Fine 600 mesh, 25 micron
  • Fine 600 mesh, 25 micron / Coarse 325 mesh, 45 micron
  • Coarse 325 mesh, 45 micron / Extra-Coarse 220 mesh, 60 micron
  • Fine 600 mesh, 25 micron / Extra-Coarse 220 mesh, 60 micron

DMT has also introduced the 8" Double-Sided Dia-Sharp Medium Extra Fine & Extra Extra Fine stone. Perfect for extending into finer grits.

DMT 8" Dia-Sharp diamond stones measure 8" x 3" . The size is plenty large for most tools and knives.

Made in the USA.

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