DMT Bench Stone Holder with MagnaBase™ Adapter

DMT Bench Stone Holder with MagnaBase™ Adapter

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If you own DMT Dia-Sharp® Stones, this is the base for you.

The DMT® Bench Stone Holder has always securely held the 8" and 10" DuoSharp® stones as well as any of the DMT® 6" x 2" stones, but it has not worked with the larger Dia-Sharp® stones. Until Now. The DMT Bench Stone Holder with MagnaBase Adaptor will accommodate the 8", 10", 11.5" and the 12" Dia-Sharp® stones.

If you own or are purchasing DMT® stones we highly recommend the DMT® Bench Stone Holder. A stone holder/base keeps your stones secure and stationary while sharpening. It also saves your knuckles from hitting the table by providing 2" of clearance for ease of sharpening. The base features a convenient handle on the underside for use with DuoSharp® stone so you can sharpen large knives and axes by moving the stone to the blade rather than bringing a large heavy blade to the stone.

Until now DMT® did not have a base that would accommodate their popular 8" and 10" Dia-Sharp® stones. This holder not only holds all of the Dia-Sharp® stones, but also holds the 8” and 10” DuoSharp® stones and any of the DMT 6" x 2" stones.

This package contains the DMT Bench Stone Holder and the Magna base™ Adapter. It will fit the 8" and 10" DuoSharp stones or any of the DMT 6" x 2" stones, as well as all of the Dia-Sharp® bench stones, and even the DMT Diamond Wave for gouge sharpening. The difference between the standard DMT holder/base and this model is a unique magnetic top. Easy snap-in clips allow you to add the MagnaBase™ Adapter to accommodate the Dia-Sharp stones. The Magnabase makes it easy to secure, change and remove the Dia-Sharp stones from the magnetic base for quick grit changes during sharpening.

Made in the USA.

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