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Chef's Choice 290 AngleSelect  Hybrid Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice 290 AngleSelect Hybrid Knife Sharpener

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  • Uses 100% Diamond Abrasives in All 3-Stages
  • Hybrid Technology Combines Electric and Manual Stages
  • Sharpens at Both 15° and 20° Angles


Value-Priced Hybrid for Euro/American and Asian Style Knives. Chef's Choice Model 290 does both 15° and 20° Angles!

20° and 15°

The Chef's Choice Hybrid #290 Sharpener is value-priced sharpener that will sharpen both traditional western style (20°) and Asian style (15°) knives. What makes it a hybrid is that it has two electric diamond stages and one manual ultra-fine diamond pull though stage. The unique Criss-Cross™ technology creates a very fine edge with lots of "bite". Stages 1 and 2 are electric with Stage 1 dedicated to 15° edge knives and Stage 2 for 20° knives. Stage 3 is used for polishing both types of knives as well as for sharpening serrated knives. We were so impressed with the #290 that we rated it Best Hybrid for Japanese and American Knives.

3 Stages

  • Stage 1 - Electric Diamond for 15° Sharpening
  • Stage 2 - Electric Diamond for 20° Sharpening
  • Stage 3 - Manual Ultra Fine Diamond for Honing and Polishing

Chef's Choice Hybrid 290 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener sharpens traditional traditional European/American kitchen knives (20°), Asian style kitchen knives (15°), serrated knives, light sporting and pocket knives. The Model 290 features elegant, durable stainless steel knife guides and features.


To be a good value, a sharpener must sharpen effectively, yet be less expensive than other sharpeners in its same category. The Chef's Choice Hybrid 290 has versatility to do American or Asian style knives, sharpens quickly, and more importantly, the edge it creates is very sharp and durable. The Chef's Choice #290 is engineered and assembled in the USA. One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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Received my Sharpening System today,(Norton IM83) and I've got to tell you that I am excited about using this product. I've been in the meat cutting business for 45 years, and as you can imagine, I've used allot of different types and styles of sharpening equipment. I have had 3 Norton Multi-Oil Stone units in my lifetime, and then I see this IM83 and I think that this is what I need to carry with me when and wherever I go. I just LOVE this little box full of expertise equipment to keep me sharp and at a razors edge. Thank you for the service, it was fast and easy, and I received it within 3 days of ordering. I know knives and how they work, and I can't wait to start putting that edge on my "other" knives I own.
Karl L, Omaha, NE