Can Mineral Oil be Used On Sharpening Stones?

Is there a difference between Mineral Oil and Honing Oil?

Honing Oils

Over the years, we've had customers ask us about using mineral oil on their sharpening stones. That is actually a very good question because our honing oil is made of mineral oil. Is it the same thing? The answer is yes and no.

Our honing oils are indeed mineral oil. Mineral oil works because it doesn't harden, get sticky or go rancid over time.

The difference between mineral oil in the store and honing oil is viscosity. The honing oils we sell are thinner. You want a thinner oil for use on sharpening stones.

If you are adamant that you don't want to purchase honing oil, at the very least, we recommend using water. Do not use vegetable oil, even if some guy you saw on the Internet told you otherwise, that guy doesn't field calls from customers that have sticky ruined stones. Household oils will get sticky or rancid over time. Don't ruin your nice stone by taking that shortcut.

All of the Honing oils that we carry were designed to work specifically for sharpening stones.