Axe Wax

Axe Wax

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Care for Tools with Axe Wax

The old adage says, "Take care of your tools, and your tools will take care of you" and there's wisdom in that. You can only do good work with your cutting tools, whether they be axes, knives, chisels or anything really, if the tool is in good shape. Keeping your tools free of rust and grime is an important part of caring for them, and Axe Wax is an important part of that care.

Axe Wax is based on an antique recipe, bringing ancient ingredients into the modern world. Axe Wax dries fast, is completely natural and food-safe, and provides excellent resistance to water.

From your favorite axe that you got from your grandfather, your stunning custom chef's knife, or your EDC, Axe Wax takes care of your tools with unparalleled protection against the elements so your tools can take care of you.

2 oz / 60ml

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