Abrasive Belt Cleaning Stick

Abrasive Belt Cleaning Stick


4" x 2" x 2" - $7.99
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6" x 2" x 2" - $9.99
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  • Reduces Heat
  • Increases Belt Life
  • Available in Two Sizes


Abrasive Belt Cleaner

Extend the life of your abrasive belts with these Abrasive Belt Cleaners. Through use, metal dust can build up in abrasive belts, making them cut slower, run hotter and decreasing their life span. Frequent cleaning of abrasive belts with an Abrasive Belt Cleaner will reduce build-up in the belt, increasing efficiency, reducing heat and prolonging the life of the belt.

Easy to Use

To use, hold the Abrasive Belt Cleaner against the belt with the machine running. The cleaning stick will remove the waste material from the belt. Sometimes called Rubber Belt Erasers, cleaning sticks do work very much like erasers on a pencil, rubbing away the build-up. A great way to increase the value of your abrasive belts.

Substantial Sticks

These are not wimpy little abrasive cleaning sticks like some you may have seen. At 2" square and 4"-6" long, these Abrasive Belt Cleaners will far outlast smaller cleaning sticks.

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