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8" DMT DuoSharp Bench Stone

8" DMT DuoSharp Bench Stone

Item # W8DUO

Fine/Coarse - $123.60 $99.99 (Save 19%)
In Stock
Fine/Coarse with Base - $133.60 $109.99 (Save 18%)
In Stock
Coarse/Extra Coarse - $123.60 $99.99 (Save 19%)
In Stock
Coarse/Extra Coarse with Base - $133.60 $109.99 (Save 18%)
In Stock
Extra Fine/Fine - $123.60 $99.99 (Save 19%)
In Stock
Extra Fine/Fine with Base - $133.60 $109.99 (Save 18%)
In Stock
Extra Fine/Coarse - $123.60 $99.99 (Save 19%)
In Stock
Extra Fine/Coarse with Base - $133.60 $109.99 (Save 18%)
In Stock
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  • Two-sided Diamond Stone
  • Save $30.60 off the List Price
  • Add a Base for $10 ($17.99 separately)



Innovative and engineered to be precision-flat, DuoSharp® sharpeners feature DMT's signature polka-dotted (aka interrupted) surfaces of quality diamonds embedded in engineered resin to provide two-stage sharpening with fast, clean and consistent results every time. These double-sided bench stones offer two grits in one stone.

The overall size of this DuoSharp® stone is very generous at 8" long and 2 5/8" wide. The length is long enough to ensure long strokes of your tool or knife and the width is wide enough for even larger plane blades. And, because this stone is double-sided, it is more versatile and cost effective. A non-skid mat is included with every diamond stone. Made in the USA.

Available in four different grit combinations: Fine/Coarse Grit, Coarse/Extra-Coarse Grit Extra-Fine/Fine Grit and Extra-Fine/Coarse Grit.


The DMT® 8" DuoSharp® is a great combination of size and value. The 8" diamond stone is ideal for just about any knife or tool. The coarse/fine stone is a great stone to own if you are going to own just one stone. The coarse side can remove nicks from or sharpen very dull knives and tools. The fine side is fine enough for the final edge on kitchen knives or used as an intermediate step before even finer grits. The fine/extra fine stone can be used any time your edge is not damaged or abused. After using the fine grit, the extra fine grit puts an extremely sharp and durable edge on knives and tools. The coarse/extra coarse stone is a great stone to have when you need to sharpen very dull knives and tools because it cuts so fast.

We recommend the 8" DMT® DuoSharp® for woodworking tools, kitchen cutlery, and outdoor knives.

Optional Bench Stone Holder

  • Raises stone off the work surface to make knife sharpening easier
  • No-slip rubber feet keep stone in place during sharpening
  • Handle on bottom allows you to move the stone to the blade for when sharpening axes or large, heavy blades

DMT Color Coded System Key

DMT Item Numbers:
Extra-Fine/Fine without base: W8EFNB, with base: W8EF-WB
Fine/Coarse without base: W8FCNB, with base: W8FC-WB
Coarse/Extra-Coarse without base: W8CXNB, with base: W8CX-WB
Extra-Fine/Coarse without base: W8ECNB, with base, W8EC-WB

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