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4" Norton Ascent Ceramic Stone - Ultra Fine

4" Norton Ascent Ceramic Stone - Ultra Fine

Item # 4UAB
Price: $54.99

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  • New! Sharpening Supplies Exclusive!
  • Extremely Hard, Extremely Fine, Extremely Flat
  • Polishing on Demand
  • Slip In Your Pocket Size


Exciting New Norton Ceramic Stones

Norton Pike Ascent Ceramic Stones are the latest development from a company with a long history of making quality sharpening stones. We're excited that Norton has chosen to work with Sharpening Supplies to launch these new stones. The quality and convenience of these extremely hard, extremely fine, extremely flat stones will make sharpeners of tools and knives alike excited as well.

Extremely Hard

Ascent Stones are made of exceptionally pure ceramic material and are truly hard. Ceramic this hard will cut any steel, even the very hard, tough alloys found in the best knives and tools. Ceramic stones wear exceptionally well for a long life even with heavy use.

Extremely Fine

The Ultra Fine grade of the Ascent Ceramic Stones is for finishing and polishing. The resulting finish is finer than that achieved from a Hard Translucent Arkansas and comparable to the Norton 8000 grit Water Stone. These are great for a final sharpening step and to maintain a razor edge on your tools and knives.

Extremely Flat

Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones are reliably flat. They are machined to a flat, smooth surface when they are made, and the same hard wearing characteristics that give them a long life also ensures that they will remain flat. These stones will not dish or cup with use.

Ready When You Need Them

One of the factors that keeps people from sharpening is the inconvenience of the whole operation. Stones have to be prepared. Messes have to be cleaned up. Ascent Ceramic stones offer the convenience of stones that are ready to go when you are.

  • No Flattening Required - Norton Ascent Stones start flat and remain flat. Checking a stone for flatness before every use is not needed.
  • Used Dry - Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones do not require any oil or water when sharpening. No preparation or cleanup is required.

Sharpening Where You Need It

The 4" x 1" x 1/2" size makes these Ultra Fine Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones the perfect slip-in-your-pocket option to have a finishing stone with you where ever you need it. Keep your edge razor sharp even in the field. This same size stone is also available in a Fine grit option.

Of course, if you need something bigger, Ascent Ceramic Stones are also available in Ultra Fine Bench Stone and Fine Bench Stone sizes.

Norton Item and Part Numbers

4" x 1" x 1/2" Ultra Fine Ascent Ceramic Norton Item No. UAB4, Part No. 69078643671

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