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 Naniwa 10,000 Grit Premium Diamond Stone

Naniwa 10,000 Grit Premium Diamond Stone

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  • 10,000 Grit Diamond Abrasive
  • Individually Numbered
  • Includes Dressing Stone


Premium 10,000 Grit Diamond Stones

Naniwa makes some of the best quality sharpening stones available. Their Diamond-In-Resin Stones are top-shelf quality, combining cut-anything diamonds with a water stone feel. Likewise, their 10,000 grit water stones are also top-shelf and highly regarded as superior finishing stones. So what could Naniwa possibly do to make something even better? Why, combine diamonds and 10,000 grit of course!

The result of this combination is a truly premium stone. Does everyone need a 10,000 grit Diamond Stone? No, of course not. But for those who appreciate the best and the hard to find, this is a stone that won't come around every day.

Limited Edition! 1 Per Customer While They Last!

Naniwa has released a limited number of 10,000 grit Premium Diamond Stones. We have received our allotment of them to offer to our customers, but when these are gone, they're gone.

Each of these exclusive stones is individually numbered. (In the photographs above, you'll notice we left the original labels intact on the stones. The lucky sharpeners who get these can be assured their stone was unharmed in the photographic process.)

Diamond Abrasive with Water Stone Style

These 10,000 grit Premium Diamond Stones are the same diamond-in-resin type as the Naniwa Diamond Stones. Like those, the 10K stones employ diamond abrasive bound in a 1mm thick layer of resin atop a metal base. The diamond impregnated resin allows the stone to shed worn or loaded layers to expose a fresh cutting surface. This slow shedding of worn surface makes for a water stone sharpening experience with diamond abrasives that can handle the hardest materials like modern exotic steels and ceramics.

The existing line of Naniwa Diamond Stones stops at 6000 grit. This limited edition 10,000 grit will leave the smoothest edge possible on those hard materials that only diamonds can sharpen.

Splash and Go

A light spray of water and Naniwa Diamond Stones are set to sharpen. Their feel when sharpening is similar to that of the hardest wearing water stones, neither unduly rough nor mushy or clay-like. As with all water stones, keep Naniwa Diamond Stones wet when sharpening and allow them to air dry in between uses.

Naniwa Diamond Stones are 210mm (8-1/4") x 75mm (2-7/8") x 16mm (5/8") making them suitable for a wide range of knives and tools.

For Very Hard Steels and Ceramics

Naniwa Diamond Stones are particularly useful when you want a water stone style sharpener, but are working with extremely hard exotic steel or ceramic. Other stones may be very slow or even ineffective for ceramic or the hardest steel knives, chisels and plane blades, but because they are diamonds, if the abrasive in these stones won't sharpen the edge, nothing will.

Stones that Stay Flat Longer

The Naniwa Diamond Stones do not wear as quickly as other water stones. The resin binder that holds the abrasive material is very hard, making them slow to dish or cup, and long lasting. These stones are handy when performing tasks where flatness is of primary importance, as when flattening chisel backs or working the ride line on hair cutting shears.

Dressing Stone Included

Each Naniwa Diamond Stone comes with a smaller dressing stone. The dressing stone is used to keep the Diamond Stone clean and cutting optimally. When the Diamond Stone begins to darken with the waste metal from sharpening, rub its surface with the dressing stone. Using the dressing stone will expose a fresh, clean surface on the Diamond Stone allowing it to sharpen with maximum efficiency. For best results, the surface of the diamond stone should be wet and the dressing stone should be soaked until saturated before use.

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To whom it may concern, I got my DMT Aligner Kit today and I just cant say enough about it and my experience with I got the extra extra fine stone along with the DMT deluxe aligner kit. My favorite knife now is as sharp as a scalpel. First Class Company and First Class Products. Truly a pleasure doing business with you.
Richard O, El Cajon, CA