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Tormek T7 FREE Tormek Hat and LED Light Offer
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Tormek T7
Limited Time Offer
Free Hat & LED Light
Item # TOR-T7
Tormek Ultimate Bundle
Limited Time Offer
Free Hat & LED Light
Tormek Magnum Bundle
Limited Time Offer
Free Hat & LED Light
Tormek Hand Tool Bundle
Limited Time Offer
Free Hat & LED Light
Tormek Woodturner Bundle
Limited Time Offer
Free Hat & LED Light
Tormek T4
Item # T4
Tormek Woodturners Kit
Item # TOR-TNT708
Tormek Hand Tool Kit
Item # TOR-HTK706
Tormek Drill Bit Sharpening Attachment
Item # DBS-22
Tormek TS-740 Sharpening Station
Item # TOR-TS740
Tormek Honing Compound
Item # TOR-PA70
Tormek Stone Grader
Item # TOR-SP650
Tormek 10
Item # TOR-SG250
Tormek 10
Item # TOR-SJ250
Tormek Blackstone Silicon for T7
Item # TOR-SB250
Tormek 8
Item # TOR-SG200
Tormek 8
Item # TOR-SJ200
Tormek Leather Hone Wheel for T7
Item # TOR-LA-220
Tormek Leather Hone Wheel for T4
Item # TOR-LA-145
Tormek Profiled Leather Wheel
Item # TOR-LA120
Tormek Truing Tool
Item # TOR-TT50
Tormek Mounting for Bench Grinder
Item # TOR-BGM100
Tormek Square Edge Jig
Item # TOR-SE76
Tormek AngleMaster
Item # TOR-WM200
Tormek Gouge Jig
Item # TOR-SVD185
Tormek Turning Tool Setter
Item # TOR-TTS100
Tormek Tool Rest
Item # TOR-SVD110
Tormek Planer Blade Attachment
Item # TOR-SVH320
Tormek Knife Sharpening Jig
Item # TOR-SVM45
Tormek Long Knife Jig
Item # TOR-SVM140
Tormek Small Knife Jig
Item # TOR-SVM00
Tormek Short Tool Jig
Item # TOR-SVS32
Tormek Multi Jig
Item # TOR-SVS50
Tormek Molding Knife Attachment
Item # TOR-SVP80
Tormek Scissors Jig
Item # TOR-SVX150
Tormek Axe Jig
Item # TOR-SVA170
Tormek Advanced Water Trough
Item # TOR-AWT250
Tormek DVD
Item # TOR-DVD1
Tormek Set of Standard Exchange Discs
Item # TOR-LA122
Tormek Set of Narrow Discs for Honing Wheel
Item # TOR-LA-124
Tormek Machine Cover
Item # TOR-MH380
Tormek Stainless Steel Main Shaft for T4
Item # TOR-MSK200
Tormek Stainless Steel Main Shaft for T7
Item # TOR-MSK250
Tormek Profile Labels
Item # TOR-PL01

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Thanks John, I am so glad to be working with people who know their products and how to use them. You have a very informative and well laid out website and I learned a lot. It was a rainy Sunday and I watched every video and read through each article. The information you provided was very helpful in teaching technique and helping me decide what to buy. Also your products are so well thought out, that no matter what stone you prefer (oil, water or diamond), there is a nice package available for a beginner. All of the products you put together each had their own advantages and believe me, each one spent some time in the shopping cart until I made my final decision.
Randy Q, New York, NY