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Home > Sharpening Articles > Sharpening FAQs

Sharpening FAQs

 Is a Sharper Edge Stronger?
Question: I've heard that a sharper edge is actually stronger than a dull edge? How can this be? Answer: There are a couple of good reasons why a dull edge is more prone to damage and dulling than a finely sharpened edge. A dull edge requires greater...
 Is a sharp knife safer?
Question: Is a sharp knife really safer to use? Answer: At first thought, this seems to be a very commonly held yet inaccurate old wives tale. It stands to reason that a sharp knife will cut you very easily, therefore is less safe. However, after lea...
 Are electric sharpeners safe for my knives?
Question: Is the Chef’s Choice Electric Sharpener safe for my knives? Answer: Yes, we have used the Chef's Choice 120, 130 and 320 with great success on many knives (including high end brands such and Wusthof and Henckels). You may have heard that el...
 How can I sharpen my straight razor?
Question: I need a sharpening stone when my straight razor gets too dull to sharpen with my strop. What do you recommend? Answer: A straight razor, unless it becomes severely dull can be brought back into shape with the Norton 4000/8000 combination s...
 Can I get the factory edge to back on my knife?
Question: How can I get the factory edge to back on my knife? Answer: By following some simple techniques, not only can you duplicate the factory edge but you can bring your knife to a level of sharpness that far exceeds the vast majority of brand ne...
 Can I just use a fine stone to sharpen my knife?
Question: Can I just use a very fine stone to sharpen my knife? Answer: Just using a stone that is too fine is one of the most common sharpening mistakes we encounter. When asked, most people would like a fine edge not a coarse edge so sometimes skip...
 How can I get my knife razor Sharp?
Question: How can I get my knife razor Sharp? Answer: Getting your knife razor sharp is a very common request. However, due to all of the infomercials and various outlandish claims the term razor sharp has lost meaning to many. We try not to use that...
 What sharpener can I use on hunting knives?
Question: What sharpener can I use on hunting knives? I want to use an electric sharpener but I've tried a few and they don't fit my thicker knives. Answer: Many electric sharpeners designed for kitchen cutlery don't work on thicker blades found on h...
 What can I use to sharpen my machete?
Question: What can I use to sharpen my machete? Answer: Machetes are made to be easily sharpened. When used, they see a lot of abuse so they need to be able to be sharpened easily. They are hardened to be slightly softer than a pocket knife, if they ...
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