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Home > Shop by Brand > Naniwa > Naniwa Super Stone
Naniwa Super Stone
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Naniwa Super Stone
Item # : IN-20
Starting Price: $53.99
Stock Status: All Styles In Stock
When will it arrive?
  • Available in 8 Grits
  • 8 1/4" Long x 2 3/4" Wide
  • Quality Japanese Waterstone

This page lists the last of the original Super Stones. The "New Super Stone" is here. The new version is twice as thick and has even better grit tolerances.

The Naniwa Super Stone is an exciting Japanese Waterstone for sharpening knives and tools. Like all waterstones, these stones require water but unlike traditional Japanese Waterstones, these don’t require soaking ahead of time. To use these stones, just apply a bit of water to the surface and you’re ready to sharpen.

Each stone measures 8 1/4" long, 2 3/4" wide and 3/8" thick. Each stone is bonded to a solid base. The base provides plenty of knuckle clearance when sharpening knives and is solidly built for sharpening tools.

These stones sharpen very quickly. With many of the modern steel alloys, speed of sharpening can be an important factor when considering a sharpening stone. These work well on tough tool steels such as A2 or D2 and very hard stainless alloys popular in Japanese and western cutlery.

We have been very impressed with the quality of these stones. Whether you're purchasing the very coarse 220 or all the way up to the extremely fine 12,000 grit, we’ve found these stones to be very consistently graded.

If you’ve considered purchasing a set of Japanese Waterstones we would certainly recommend the Naniwa Super Stones. Below we’ve described the grits in a little more detail to help you with your grit selections.

If you want to get down to the real details of this stone, this stone is made with a resin bond. This resin bond gives this stone two of its main features. First, the resin bond allows for a higher level of abrasive particles compared with less expensive methods of stone bonding. The higher abrasive levels contribute to the speed of sharpening. The second, these resin bonded stones don't require a soaking in water prior to use, just a sprinkle on the top is all that is needed.

Made in Japan.

Available in the following Grits

2000 Fine Grit - This is fine enough for many applications. In the kitchen, this stone will leave your knife with an edge better than most factory edges. At this level, this stone is considerably finer than any stones marked "fine" available in stores.

3000 Extra Fine Grit - This is a good final stone. Many people will use this after the 1000 grit stone. This stone is fine enough to be used prior to the 8000 grit stone.

8000 Extremely Fine Grit - This stone is extremely fine. This is a wonderful final stage for most knives or tool edges. We recommend using this after the 2000 or finer grits.

12,000 Mirror Polish Grit - If you want a truly superb edge, this grit is so fine that your edge will shine like a mirror. After using this stone, the edge will not appear to have any grit marks at all.

Q. Do Naniwa Super Stones require flattening?

A. Over time, all waterstones require flattening. The bonding material of the stone will wear, providing fresh abrasive material. This is why waterstones sharpen so quickly. This is also why they need to be flattened periodically. Naniwa Flattening Stone.

Q. I notice that you don't have many Superstones left. Is it discontinued and it there a replacement.

A. Yes, Naniwa did replaced the Superstone with a new stone. The bases are no longer fixed to the stone so you can flip the stone and use both sides. The production process has been slightly altered to improve upon the already high particle standards set by Naniwa. As before, the new stone does not require soaking like. New Naniwa Superstones

To whom it may concern, I got my DMT Aligner Kit today and I just cant say enough about it and my experience with I got the extra extra fine stone along with the DMT deluxe aligner kit. My favorite knife now is as sharp as a scalpel. First Class Company and First Class Products. Truly a pleasure doing business with you.
Richard O, El Cajon, CA
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