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Sharpener Buying Guide - For the Cook
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Chef's Choice Model 120 Professional Knife Sharpener
Item # CHEFS120
$149.99 - $179.99
Norton 3 Stone IM200 System
Item # IM200
$108.72 $79.99
Kitchen Essentials Sharpening Kit
Item # KESK2
$130.61 $99.99 - $129.89
Ultimate Kitchen Sharpening Kit
$244.92 $179.99
Chef's Choice Model 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener
Item # CHEFS320
Chef'sChoice SteelPro 470
Item # 4700700
$55.00 $39.95
Water Stone Kit
Item # 87943
$165.96 $136.99
DMT Duosharp Plus Diamond Kit
$186.83 $139.99
DMT 10
$325.27 $199.99
Lansky Kitchen Combo
Item # LKCCB
$54.98 $39.99

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