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DMT 6" Dia-Sharp Kit
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Item #: D6-DIAKIT
Price: $127.00 $89.99
Stock Status: In Stock
  • Includes 4 Grits (Extra Coarse/Coarse and Fine/Extra Fine) and FREE Wood Case
  • Stones measure 6" x 2"
  • Special Price $89.99. SAVE $37 Off List Price!

This Special 6" DMT Diamond Kit in Wooden Box is the Least Expensive Way to Purchase all 4 Grits.

This DMT 6" x 2" Dia-Sharp Diamond Kit is a tremendous value. It includes 4 grits (Extra Fine/Fine and Coarse/Extra Coarse) on two double-sided stones and a free hardwood base. At this price, we’ve never offered all 4 DMT Diamond Stone grits before.

Second to sharp knives and tools, our customers appreciate a good value and we are proud to offer this special value kit. We worked with DMT to come up with a kit that offers the full range of grits at an affordable price. Until now, a full set of stones has been out of reach for some people due to the price. This special value kit contains four total grits (Extra Fine, Fine, Coarse and Extra Coarse). Each grit has a purpose so we felt it was important to offer them all at a reasonable price.

This kit eliminates one of the most common sharpening mistakes (only getting 1 or 2 finer grits). The "wisdom" of this mistake goes something like this, "you can save a few bucks by only getting a fine stone because you can just spend more time on the fine stone." In theory it is somewhat true but in real world situation it is a bad practice for two reasons. First, an extra coarse stone sharpens much faster (more than 10 times as fast) as a fine stone so you can maintain your angle easier over a shorter number of strokes with the extra coarse. Second, asking a fine stone to do the work of a coarser stone will put unnecessary wear on your fine stone (defeating the long term savings of omitting the coarser stone purchase). The pricing of this kit will encourage even the most ardent penny-pinchers to reconsider their position.

The Continuous Diamond Surface

The Dia-Sharp stone feature DMT's continuous diamond surface. This means the entire stone is covered in diamond. This surface allows you to sharpen pointed tools without any chance of catching it the recesses of an interrupted diamond surface.

6" Stones are an Excellent Value

Unlike larger 8" stones, the 6" stones are intended to be more for the space and value conscious. If you have a set of pocket knives, the 6" size is plenty large. If you have larger knives or tools, we recommend the larger 8" stones.

4 Diamond Grits

  • Extra Coarse - Use to repair and restore damaged edges, this is very fast sharpening.
  • Coarse – This is also fast to sharpen and will quickly refine a dull edge. It is used after the extra coarse.
  • Fine – This grit will really start to put a keen edge on your knife or tool. It is used after the coarse.
  • Extra Fine – The extra fine is the last step in creating an edge. The edge will be significantly sharper after this stage. This is a very fine stone, don’t use it on dull edges (use the other grits for dull edges).

Free Wood Case

The wood case is a great additional feature of this kit. The case serves two purposes. The first is to keep your stones safely organized when not it use. A spacer is included to keep the stone nested without rubbing together. The second is to act as a base for sharpening. The bottom of the case features four rubber grips so your stones will be well secured while sharpening. The base also lifts the stone up off your table for extra knuckle clearance when sharpening knives.

DMT Quality

This kit contains quality DMT Diamond Stones. These stones are made is the USA. Don’t let the price fool you, these are high quality stones.

Kit Contents

  • DMT 6" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone (Extra Coarse/Coarse) List Price $63.50
  • DMT 6" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone (Extra Fine/Fine) List Price $63.50
  • Free Wood Case
  • Our Price: $84.99 (Combined List Price $127.00) You Save $42 + Get a FREE Wood Case

All stones made in the USA.

DMT Grit Chart

Great Service! John took the time to help me sort through all of my questions. Product works great too!
Bill A, Knoxville, TN