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DMT 10" DuoSharp Diamond Kit
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Price: $325.27 $199.99
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  • Includes 4 Grits (Extra Coarse/Coarse and Fine/Extra Fine) and Sharpening Base
  • Stones measure 10" x 4"
  • Extra-large stones give you 160 square inches of total diamond sharpening area.
  • Sharpen just about anything with these quality DMT stones.
  • Special Price $199.99. SAVE $125 Off List Price!

We made a special purchase on the 10" DMT DuoSharp Diamond Stones and we’re passing on the savings to you! Get 4 Grits and a Base for Only $199.99!

We put together this special kit to save you money when you purchase all 4 grits of the DMT 10" DuoSharp Diamond Stones. This kit contains two double-sided diamond stones, one Extra Coarse/Coarse and one Fine/Extra Fine, as well as a sharpening base.

10" Coarse/Extra Coarse DMT DuoSharp Diamond Stone - The Coarse/Extra Coarse stone is used when your knives or tools are dull. The extra coarse grit is a 220 mesh diamond grit (60 microns) that will quickly put an edge on just about anything. The next step is the coarse grit which features the 325 mesh (45 micron) diamond grit. The coarse grit is used after the extra coarse to refine the edge or when your edge is just moderately dull.

10" Extra Fine/Fine DMT DuoSharp Diamond Stone - The Extra Fine/Fine stone is used to refine an edge. Unless you have an already sharp edge, this stone is used after the Coarse/Extra Coarse. The fine grit is a 600 mesh (25 micron) diamond grit. This fine grit will leave a nice edge. The Extra Fine side is used to finish your edge. Because it is a very fine 1200 mesh (9 micron) diamond grit, it ideal for finishing and polishing your edge.

The Bench Stone Holder will hold either of your 10" DMT DuoSharp Stones. There are clips that hold the stone securely in the holder. Switching grits is as simple as unclipping and reclipping the new stone. The stone holder also has an integrated handle on the bottom. The integrated handle allows you to hold the stone in one hand and use your stone to sharpen larger tools.

Bigger Stones = More Sharpening Area

The stones in this kit measure 10" x 4". You get four sides that are each 40 square inches (10" x 4"). That is 160 square inches of surface area! The extra size makes sharpening easier and faster. It also means that they’ll last much longer than smaller stones.

Exceptional Value!

When you consider the fact that you’re buying 160 square inches of sharpening area, this kit is quite an incredible value. I’ve seen inferior stones that sell for less, but when you consider the fact that you’re getting 4 grits, the famous DMT quality and a huge sharpening area, cheap little stones don’t look so cheap. This kit is a real deal!

Kit includes the following:
  • DMT 10" DuoSharp Diamond Stone (Extra Coarse/Coarse) List Price $157.58
  • DMT 10" DuoSharp Diamond Stone with Base (Fine/Extra Fine) List Price $167.69
  • Our Price is Only $199.99 (Combined List Price $325.27) You Save $125.28

Made in the USA.

What to Sharpen

We recommend the 10" DMT® DuoSharp® for just about any sharpening need. From the smallest knives to the largest tools, this set of stones can sharpen just about anything. You can always sharpen a small knife on a big stone, but sharpening a big knife on a small stone is time consuming and frustrating. When you’re working with larger tools like a plane iron for an old No. 7 Stanley Jointer Plane, you know that a puny stone can’t get the job done. These extra-large stones will do the job with ease.

DMT Grit Chart

I’m very proud to offer this kit at such a great price. While I understand that at $199.99 this kit is still a lot of money, I really believe that it is a great sharpening value. I’ve been using my 10" DMT DuoSharp Stones for many years and I expect these to be a favorite for many years to come. When sharpening a tool or knife, you can never have a stone that is too big (unless portable is something you need). I’ve used mine for sharpening kitchen knives, axes, chisels, plane irons and hunting knives. I think you’ll enjoy the stones as much as I have. ~John

I recently placed my first order after finding you on the web while looking for grinding wheels. I am a customer for life. Here's why. My first order was a simple white grinding wheel for a "normal joe's shop". When I received the wrong wheel (150 grit instead of the ordered 100 grit) I called and without hesitation or the 3rd degree another wheel was sent off. No questioning of my integrity, intelligence or honor. Simply "I am sorry, we'll send the correct wheel off immediately..." The right thing was done by a neat guy. I was treated like an adult. Unbelievable in this day and age...proper...and priceless. Price, performance, responsiveness and customer service par excel-lance. 6-Stars! All my sharpening orders, albeit small shop orders, will now be with you. Promote you I will.
Greg T, Iowa